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Hair Shampoo “Lamination effect”

to repair damaged hair
Hair Shampoo “Lamination effect”
Hair Shampoo “Lamination effect”

To effectively repair damaged hair

Do you want to keep the beauty and vitality of your colored hair for a long time? Active formula of the new shampoo Fara contains:
- Special polymer, which envelops hair on all length, creating an invisible protective layer, imparts a visible volume and facilitates combing. Leaves no greasy feeling, providing hair with lightness and naturalness;
- 100% natural first cold pressed argan oil - one of the most rare and precious oils in the world, which is made exclusively by hand in Morocco. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants oil restores shine and softness to the hair, strengthening it and preventing fragility;
- Keratin - the main structural protein of the hair - prevents dehydration, restores hair from the inside, keeping its smoothness and elasticity;
- Conditioner, facilitating combing and styling hair.
As result: Your hair is strong, smooth and bright, shining with beauty and health!
Usage: Apply to wet hair, lather, gently massage, rinse thoroughly with water.