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Contract manufacturing of cosmetics is a business partnership. When it is beneficial to both parties - and the customers, and produsers - this is truly successful and long-term partnership.
Our beliefs are based on our own professional experience:
  • Work honestly.
  • Respect the interests of the partners.
  • To fulfill our obligations.
  • Meet the demands of the market. 
We work  and build our business relationship in accordance with these beliefs.
Our company was founded in 1999.
We have a huge experience in the production of contract products as a “turnkey” and on the basis of raw material and components.
Since 2003 the company is certified by ISO 9001-2001, since 2011 - according to GOST R ISO 900-2008.
Company “Russkaya Kosmetika” Ltd. produces a huge range of cosmetic products.

Hygienic liquid detergents:
  • shower gels
  • liquid soap for hands and face
  • products for personal hygiene
  • cleansers
brands “Krasnaya Linia”, “Osobaya Seria”, “Babushkina Apteka”, “Viking”, “Le Flirt”. We use modern materials, allowing to ensure soft and stable foam. Intimate hygiene are tested in special laboratories and have the recommendation of dermatologists and gynecologists.

Cosmetic creams:
  • masks
  • scrubs for the face, hands, feet, body

Brands “Krasnaya Linia”, “Osobaya Seria”, “Babushkina Apteka”, “Viking”, “Le Flirt” are manufactured using modern emulsifiers, synthetic and natural oils, in accordance with the concept of products of modern active ingredients: extracts, vitamin complexes, essential oils. We have a high quality modern equipment that allows to produce highly dispersed emulsion of different types,  to get various textures depending on  the product purpose. All products are seriously tested for stability in different storage conditions.

Hair care products:
  • shampoo
  • balsams and hair conditioners
  • masks and hair sprays,
brands “Krasnaya Linia”, “Osobaya Seria”, “Babushkina Apteka”, “Viking”, “Le Flirt”, “FARA”.

Products are made ??with using a variety of surfactants and conditioning additives depending on hair type and destination resources. As for quality, our products are not inferior goods from abroad. Hair after using our resources is well comb, get shine and healthy look.

Hair coloring:

  • color hair creams
  • coloring mousse
  • tint balsams for hair, brands “FARA”, “Impression Plus”.
It  gently and firmly paints over a gray hair, has a huge palette of colors. It is competing  in quality with the colors of the famous brands.
Cosmetics for kids  brands “Winx Club”, “Pop Pixie”, “Hello Kitty”, “Man of Steel”. It has soft and safest effect, does not irritate the skin and cause tears.

Cosmetics for young people - brands “Hello Kitty”, “Man of Steel” have vivid flavors and light textures that appeal to young people.

Dermatological protective skin cosmetics are  specifically developed for industrial enterprises in accordance with the Order of the Russian Ministry of Public Health № 1122n 17 December 2010.

The product range includes:

  • hydrophilic cream to protect the skin from the fat-soluble contaminants
  • hydrophobic cream to protect the skin from the water-soluble contaminants (invert emulsion)
  • regenerating cream, allowing the skin to recover after working in hostile environments
  • universal barrier cream to protect your skin from pollutants of different nature
  • paste for cleaning stubborn dirt, made on the basis of the emulsion with the addition scrubbing material
  • gel scrub for cleaning based  on SAS  with the addition scrubbing material
  • gel shampoo 2 in 1
  • liquid soap with universal action.
Сosmetic products for removing hairs brand “Batist”.
Depilatory creams carefully and safely remove unwanted hair on the legs, body, armpits, slowing their further growth.

Household products:
  • dishwashing liquid
  • a means for cleaning the house
  • conditioners - softener dryer trademark “Azbuka Chistoty”
Products allow to quickly wash the dishes without irritating the skin of hands,
wash the floor, leaving no streaks, rinse the clothes, giving it a soft and gentle fragrance.
All the products are made ??on the efficiency of modern materials.
The company "Russkaya Kosmetika" Ltd. offers in the field of contract manufacturing of the following services:
  • Selection of high quality raw materials and modern fragrances that meet the latest trends in the market, under the product concept of the customer.
  • Development of  recipes of cosmetics, household chemicals and dermatological skin protection, according to the wishes of the customer.
  • Provision of information on the effects of cosmetic products and its components.
  • Preparation of technical documentation and certification in special accredited laboratories.
  • Production on the customer's own recipes or recipes developed by “Russkaya Kosmetika” Ltd. in today's high-efficiency equipment.
  • Manufacture of cosmetic products for companies in various industries and activities as part of their promotions, prize drawings, and other large-scale events.
All formulas are developed and manufactured with high quality raw materials and with the latest achievements in the field of cosmetics.

All products are developed, tested for compliance with the regulations of the Russian Federation, the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Union and the Technical Regulations of the European Communities.

We guarantee our customers:
  • stable high quality of production
  • necessary volume of production
  • manufacture of products within the agreed time frame
  • competitive price for the service

Our partners include contract manufacturing:

Ltd. “Henkel Rus“;
Ltd. “PTC Little Mermaid”;
Stores “Coin”;
Ltd. “The Octagon Group”;
Ltd. “Idea”;
Ltd. “The Prince Group”;
Ltd. “Fitolayn”;
Ltd. “MiniLedi”;
Company “Odintsovo Confectionery“;
Ltd.  “Fortune”;
Ltd. “METRO Cash&Carry“.

With an interest from your side, ready to answer any additional questions, and provide calculations for the cost of the project is interesting.

To address the issues of contract manufacturing, feel free to contact to employees of the company “Russkaya Kosmetika” Ltd:

+7 (495) 982 54 54

+7 (495) 981 92 00

Gorlanov Vadim:

Plotnikova Irina: ext. 229

Malyukova Irina:
ext. 231