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Our company takes part in the foreign-economic activity since 2003, promoting the products of high quality on the foreign market. Trade marks “Krasnaya Liniya”, “Osobaya Seriya”, “Babushkina Apteka”, “WINX”, “Poppixie”, “Le Flirt”, “Azbuka Chistoti”, “VIKING”, “FARA”, “IMPRESSION PLUS”, “Batist” are well represented on the markets of CIS and Baltic as well as European, Arabic and Asian countries. Our business partners in different countries are successful and emerging companies: “Bostan” LLC (Kazakhstan), “KOMTEX” LLC (Azerbaijan), “Agulis-Farm” LLC (Armenia), “Usually-Perfume” LLC (Belarus), “Alfacosmetic” LLC (Belarus).

We aim at widening the geography of our supplies, signing new contracts each year.

The development of the foreign-economic activity gives new opportunities to our company, such as using the advantages of international production cooperation and decision-making freedom in achieving our own production goals. The export procedure has been made as easy as possible for our clients due to the advanced technology in the sphere of electronic declaration, which we use successfully and which allows to do the customs clearance as fast as possible. We provide a full package of documents for the import customs clearance in importing countries, taking into account specificity of customs legislation of each FEA subject. FEA department personnel is a team of qualified specialists with knowledge in the field of foreign-economic activity (INCOTERMS, international FEA compacts, TIR convention), customs-related activities (Customs Code of the Customs Union, FCS orders, FCS laws), who know programs of “Alfa – GDT- PRO” and others.




We offer cooperation to the foreign companies - producers of raw materials for cosmetic, packages, equipment. 

On export and import of the products contact:

Baklan Anton Alekseevich 
Import and Export Director

Marakhovskaya Svetlana Vasilievna 
Chief Executive Officer of TC “Krasnaya Liniya” LLC

Kurilov Dmitriy
Export manager

Bosak Olga 
Export manager

Yavorskaya Liliya  
Foreign-economic activity specialist

Prokopov Andrey
Foreign-economic activity specialist

Akimenko Tatyana
Foreign-economic activity specialist