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Cosmetics Production

Developing new cosmetics is a creative process that demands an accurate approach, deep knowledge, analytical way of thinking and a dedication of scientists and technicians. All these qualities are possessed by the “Russkaya Kosmetika” personnel that works on the development of a big range of products. Today our laboratory has a required modern research base for finding new solutions for the further improvement of the cosmetics ingredients. Laboratory personnel works in a close cooperation with the sales and marketing specialists, who analyze the care cosmetics market, develop new designs and work on the product positioning.

The main principle of the “Russkaya Kosmetika” creators is to preserve and prolong the natural mechanisms of skin and hair functioning. It is possible by providing skin cells with vital compounds and active components. The products of the cosmetics company include extra ingredients, created on the basis of the latest achievements in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology.

Creating modern cosmetics requires a well-grounded and highly qualified scientific personnel. Leading specialists of the laboratory regularly participate in international exhibitions, study and analyze innovations of the native and foreign cosmetics manufacturers as well as the worldwide product market. More than that, laboratory personnel regularly takes part in international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, consults with the specialists of well-known commodity companies – Croda, Evonik, BASF, Symrise and others. We would like to tell you about the way the products are created on the “Russkaya Kosmetika” factory, which stages it takes for the product to get on the market and be seen by consumers.

Creation of cosmetic products in the company “Russkaya Kosmetika” starts with the development of a requirements specification. The basic information about a product – its purpose, properties, colour, smell, active ingredients and so on – is delivered to the laboratory by the marketing department. The laboratory develops and selects the basic formulation according to the approved concept and purpose of a product. “Russkaya Kosmetika” possesses a huge arsenal of raw components that are already being used. In case the planned concept requires some components that are out of stock there is a big database in the laboratory that allows to find the materials, able to provide necessary properties. Technologists – developers use modern approved high quality raw materials for their formulations. Quality and safety of used raw materials meet the requirements of normative documents. Developers approach with a special care to the selection and use of raw materials, which have restrictions on the use, specifically preservatives, colorants, UV filters and others. We mainly use raw materials made in Europe which are REACH-regulated (registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals). The REACH program aims to improve protection of the human health and environment from the threats that chemicals may cause. After formulation is developed and tested to meet the requirements of the normative documents, volunteers get the test samples for the larger testing of the ready-to-use product. Every test participant can smell and try the crème or shampoo properties on himself. We count the rate and evaluate the positive response to a product based on the collected questionnaires, where all the expected properties of a cosmetic are listed. If the suggested formulation does not meet the described characteristics, the laboratory amends the compounds of the cosmetic and finalizes it.

Together with the consumer properties testing of the new cosmetic compound, the laboratory tests its stability (product stability is its ability to maintain all its physical-chemical properties: colour, smell, consistency through the period of validity) during storage. “Russkaya Kosmetika” has its own methodology for such tests: much stricter parameters are enabled, than it is required by the normative documents. It allows to guarantee the preserving of quality and stability through the announced period of storage.

On the next stage the product is tested for toxicological safety and microbiological purity in a special accredited laboratory. Test results are processed into records, on the basis of which “Russkaya Kosmetika” declares its products safe for human use. This is how a cosmetic is ready to be released. According to formulation and technology, suggested be the development laboratory, the production department creates an intermediate product (cosmetic mass), which is delivered to the packing department after being tested for the accordance to the Specifications by the Quality Control Department laboratory. There the product is packed on highly productive lines. The package and design are developed and suggested by the Marketing department.