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Our History

     Twenty years ago the story of the company “Russkaya Kosmetika” began. Nowadays we can see the might and beauty of cosmetic products used and loved by everyone in Russia thanks to the private businessman Baklan Aleksey Yurievich. He was the one who created a well-known brand “Krasnaya Liniya” (Red Line).
    It all started in 1993 with the company “Likomp Inter” which provided toothpaste from Bulgaria on the market. All this time the founder of “Russkaya Cosmitika” and his crew were the exclusive distributors of such trademarks as Cliven, Ohh, Fara. Only in 2001 the legendary trademark “Krasnaya Liniya” was created and the Russian production started. The design and concept were developed by the company founder himself. A simple and at the same time brilliant idea to make a well-known product red, of a classical form gave the Russian customer an unforgettable collection of cosmetics, which are still used and admired. The key product of the “Red Line” became a soft soap for intimate hygiene. It was a daring decision to introduce such product onto the cosmetics market. But the president of the company “Russkaya Cosmitika” has always set himself higher goals:
- technology optimization,
- high quality production, 
- highly professional and creative personnel,  
- omplex formulation.
Thus in twenty years the company “Russkaya Cosmitika” has introduced a wide range of brands onto the market:
Krasnaya Liniya - cosmetics for daily use. Full variety of essential care cosmetics – hair, skin, face and body care.
Babushkina Apteka - a treasury of original advice and ideas of our grandmothers collected especially for You, and produced in an efficient package.
VIKING - a line of modern skin care cosmetics for real men, who lead an active way of life.
Winx Club - perfume-cosmetic products and make-up for strong, smart, pretty and fairy girls of 3 – 12 years old. The whole product line is developed with the high requirements to cosmetics for children, safe and tested.
PopPixie - children’s cosmetics for little fairies! Formulation developed specifically for soft locks and velvety skin will turn a girl into a real princess. Safe natural components included in the children’s cosmetics and bright fruit compositions turn the use of Pop-pixie products into an unforgettable festival.
CLIVEN - cosmetics produced in Italy according to the world quality standards and has been present on the Russian market for 17 years.
Osobaya Seriya - cosmetics line, based on natural extracts and oils. Best healing and aromatic beauty ideas for You!
FARA - hair dye chosen by millions of women! For more than 10 years women have been trusting the reliability and quality of the FARA dye.
Azbuka Chistoty - household chemical goods for cleanness and coziness in You house, as well as effective dishwasher cleaners of a high quality.
Hello Kitty - in the course of 35 years a little cat Hello Kitty has been winning the hearts of thousands of children and adults from many countries! “Hello Kitty” cosmetics is a full variety of make-up and care cosmetics for a daily use of fashionistas of all ages.
Batist - depilation tools that give pleasure from the process and result, more than that, all “Batist” products slow down further hair growth for a long time.
Trisa - high quality products of Swiss origin for a complex oral care, as well as hair brushes.

Nowadays “Russkaya Kosmetika” is in the top ten biggest cosmetics companies in the body care segment. Since 2003 the enterprise gets its management system successfully certified by the international quality standard. Today we confidently look to the future. We have good prospects and far-reaching plans: higher sale realization volumes, increase of the labor efficiency, new capacities, widening the product line and developing of new regions. We are confident that our products will not disappoint and will be an integral part of our customers’ routine in the future. The company creed is tenderness and care for the customer, for whom the “Russkaya Kosmetika” crew creates its products.