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New Year is a wonderful time when every child is waiting for a miracle. And the guys from Udelnaya Special correctional boarding school (Moscow Region) waiting for this holiday especially with hope. Together with teachers children decorating Christmas tree and prepare salads. Waiting for each other surprises, made with their own hands. For each child in an orphanage it is not just New Year, but it is a wish-fulfillment that everyone thinks of himself.

The company “Russkaya Kosmetika” - knows a lot about gifts. For many years company lovingly develops mild shampoos and lotions for children of different ages. In this New Year Eve children will receive bright kits, shampoos and lotions.

Once again the company “Russkaya Kosmetika” congratulated the kids a Happy New Year during the celebration with Christmas tree in GBUK “DK” Gaydarovets. Children from large and low-income families of Moscow were circle dances, danced with Grandpa Claus and around Christmas tree.

But the interesting thing was certainly ahead. Once we took out gifts from the company “Russian beauty” children's eyes lit up with happiness.