The history of Russkaya Cosmetika brand began more than twenty years ago. Today, we can experience the power and beauty of cosmetic products used and loved by everyone in Russia thanks to businessman Aleksey Yurievich Baklan. He was the one who created well-known brand Krasnaya Linia.

The history of the company started in 1993 with distribution of toothpastes from Bulgaria. During almost ten years the owner of Russkaya Cosmetika was the sole distributor of such well known brands as Cliven, Ohh, Fara. And already in 2001 the owner of the company opened his production factory and created the legendary brand Krasnaya Linia. Liquid soap for intimate hygiene has become the key product of Krasnaya Linia. Roduction of this product to the market was a brave and provocative decision. But the company owner never reared risks and always places courageous targets.

Currently, Russkaya Cosmetika is one of the ten largest manufacturers of cosmetic products in the body care segment. Since 2003, the enterprise has been successfully certified its management system for the compliance with international quality standard. In 2019, we obtained a GMP certificate (Good Manufactured Practice). Today, we look ahead with confidence. We have good prospects and ambitious plans: increasing of turnover, improvement of labor productivity, commissioning of new facilities, product-line expansion, and capturing new regions. We are confident that our products will not be disappointing and will become an integral part of everyday life of our customers. The philosophy of our company is to show caring attitude to our customers for whom Russkaya Cosmetika makes its products.